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Today Mr Woodford and I came to a decision to start looking into adopting a puppy dog from a wonderful group called Saints Sled Dog Rescue (SSDR). After speaking to one of the representatives, I took it upon myself to do some more in-depth research on the Sled Dog breeds and what they’re all about.

Now, I am definitely one of the most passionate people you will ever come across when it comes to animals, especially Dogs. I have tortured myself by watching hours of those animal cruelty videos that talk about the Fur Trade, the Meat Industry and Mass Breeding and Culling of animals including Chickens, Pigs, Cows, Cats, Dogs etc etc. I could go on. With each video I cried a thousand more tears. It does get to the point now where I can’t bring myself to look at a Dog without nearly bawling my eyes out. But that’s beside the point.

I am very aware of the Mass Breeding of Puppies. Everybody knows the Dogs Trust slogan, “A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas”. And this couldn’t be more true. Yet people are still stupid enough to take on that kind of responsibility without coming to terms with how much work it truly is. These Dogs are then sent straight to Rescue Centres maybe around New Year and some of them never find a Forever Home. The Centres run out of space very fast and a lot of them have no other choice than to destroy a lot of their Dogs.

Some of the problems stem from the blasé attitude a lot of people have about it all. However, in my opinion, most of the problems come from the way the different Breeds are “advertised” on the Internet. In other words, when reading up on different Breeds of Dogs, a lot of the information you come across is worded and formatted in such a way that it is like reading an advert.

“Get this Breed because it’s good at _____ and it does _____ really well and you won’t have to do much _____.”

Now, the silver lining is there are a lot of new Rescue Organisations, just like SSDR that Foster and re-home Dogs and do their absolute utmost to prevent any animal being put to sleep, which is just amazing. But why is no one trying to stop this problem at the root? The awful human beings who breed these Dogs and sell the Puppies all for the money. They have no regard for how the Puppy will be treated in it’s new home, it’s not neutered, not vaccinated, not treated for worms or fleas and most of them will go when they are much too young. A puppy benefits largely from staying with it’s Mother until around 10-12 weeks old. Some puppies will be sold at 6 weeks and these are the animals that have behavioral problems such as separation anxiety, aggression etc. There are no home-screening checks so the Breeders have no idea who their Puppies are going to.

There are always stories of rescued Bait Dogs in the news and I like to think that most people are against the Baiting of Dogs and any form of hosted animal fights. But what about the Bait Dogs that haven’t been rescued? The ones we don’t hear about because they’ve died at the hands of their owner. All this could be stopped if Breeders took the same precautions as Rescue Centres when it comes to homing their animals.

We wonder why there is so much abuse when it comes to animals and it’s because of us. We cause it and we don’t bother to stop it. We try and make everything sound so good to the Customer that we don’t bother to think about who the Customer is. If someone who was looking for the perfect fighting Dog were to see, “This Breed is an excellent Guard Dog however can be prone to aggressive behaviour towards strangers” straight away they’re going to look for someone selling that particular Breed. The Breeder then is going to hand over one of their Puppies without checking out it’s new home/owners. That Puppy then has what, 6 months to live where it is starved of love, affection and food and then it is put into a Dog fight and killed. I may’ve exaggerated the 6 months bit but still, it’s not long.

Now, I know this is a very depressing subject especially for a second post and after the first was about our wedding. But this is a very close subject for me and I am extremely passionate about it and since it is coming close to Christmas I know there may be a few people looking for the “perfect gift” for their Children.


We have decided to try and re-home a rescue Dog in the New Year at which point I’m sure I’ll post about him/her/them. But please, if you are thinking about Breeding your animals or buying a Puppy or Kitten or any animal, seriously consider how much work it will be. They’re like having really hairy, four-legged Children. And you wouldn’t give one of your Children to someone you don’t know without checking them out first, would you?

– Mrs Woodford x

Click to go to the Dogs Trust website.

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